Race Day Schedule

Cars must pass inspection and weigh in no later than the start of their race, so don't be late!  You may check in early.  All cars will be impounded after the final weigh in and no further adjustments will be allowed.

All times are tentative and are subject to change.




Den 2 Webelos



Den 3/7 Bears



Den 6 Wolves 8:40 9:00
Den 8 Tigers 9:00 9:20
Siblings and Parents 9:20 9:40
Pack Race


Top 3 from each RANK will advance to the Pack Race!

Running the Races


Cars will race down a four lane aluminum track equipped with an electronic timer. Cars will run in groups, but each car will be competing against the clock, rather than against the other cars. Each car will run down each lane one time, for a total of four runs. 

Sensors at the start gate and finish line will capture the elapsed time for each car. These times are stored and averaged by computer to obtain a composite time for each car. The composite times will be used to determine the winners.


1. Races will be run by rank. When a rank is called, the drivers will check their cars out of impound and move to the seats adjacent to the track.

2. The drivers for each heat will be announced. These drivers will report to the starting line and place their cars on the track. All other people will remain behind the race lines.

3. The starter will make sure the cars are placed properly on the track.

4. The drivers will move to the end of the track for the race.

5. The starter will start the race.

6. After all cars have crossed the finish line, the drivers will retrieve their cars and return to their seats.

7. Steps 2-6 will be repeated until the heats for that rank are complete.

8. The drivers will return their cars to the impound.


The top three finishers in each Rank race will receive awards and advance to the Pack race.

The top six finishers in the Pack race will receive awards. The top three finishers in the Pack race qualify to represent the Pack at the Council Race.

Best of show awards will be given for the top six cars in the show category for the entire Pack.

Race Rules

1. The official race is open to all Tiger, Wolf, Bear and WEBELOS Scouts registered with Pack 94.

2. Sibling and Adult races will be run between the rank races and the Pack race. These races are for exhibition only. Sibling and Adult cars must follow the same rules as the Cub Scout cars.

3. Only one car may be registered by any individual in the Pinewood Derby.

4. The registration judge shall disqualify cars that do not meet the Car Specification rules. (See Building Your Car on this page.) If a car does not pass inspection, the owner will be informed of the reason his car did not pass. Cars which fail the initial inspection may be modified and brought back for final inspection and registration.

5. All cars must be registered no later than the time allocated for the rank registration. (See Schedule on this page.)

6. After a car passes inspection, it may not be modified except for a necessary repair.

7. If a car leaves its lane during a race, the race will be run again. If the same car leaves its lane a second time, the race will be run again without that car. This car will then run a solo race immediately after the current race. If the car leaves its lane a total of 4 times it will be disqualified.

8. If a car becomes damaged and can be repaired in a reasonable amount of time (5 minutes), the race will be run again. If not, the damaged car will run a solo race after the current race. Once the repair is completed, the car must pass the weight and dimension requirements. Additional lubrication may not be applied during the repair.

9. Only race officials and current racers may enter the race area.

10. No test runs will be allowed on the main track on the day of the race.

11. No part of the car may extend beyond the starting line. Because the starting block is located in the middle of each lane it is suggested that the forward-most part of the car is in the center (i.e., no V-shaped nose) and that the middle front be at least 1/4 inch wide. If the racer or official can not set the car so that no part of the car extends past the starting line, the car may have to run backwards or have tape applied to guarantee it starts behind the starting line. 

12. If an unexpected equipment failure occurs, another race method may be selected at the discretion of the racing officials. 

13. Ungentlemanly or unsportsmanlike conduct by any participant or spectator will be grounds for expulsion from the competition and/or the race area. 

14. Any participant or parent of a participant may appeal to the Pinewood Derby Chairperson for an interpretation of these rules. The Pinewood Derby Chairperson will be the final judge of these rules.

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